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FirstHive is an Intelligent Customer Data Platform (CDP) revolutionizing marketing strategies. The platform creates Unique Customer Identities by integrating data from all customer touchpoints — ERP, CRM, website, social media, PoS, mobile apps, and customer care interactions.

Powered by Machine Learning, FirstHive pioneers unified customer identity construction and provides actionable campaign targeting recommendations, yielding unparalleled leaps in Marketing ROI.

FirstHive is privacy by design and GDPR compliant. The platform offers cross-channel campaign orchestration capabilities, utilizing deterministic and probabilistic methods for customer identification, ensuring future-focused recommendations.

Enterprises experience up to 12X increase in Marketing ROI: Join over leading BFSI, FMCG, Airlines and Manufacturing enterprises who have leveraged FirstHive's capabilities to transform their marketing strategies.

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BrandIdea AI Granular Analytics Platform is a data and insights-driven company that helps businesses accelerate their growth with granular insights and customization. Our enterprise analytics platform empowers businesses to generate actionable insights and make data-driven decisions, leading to transformational growth and enhanced ROI.

To cope with the rapid pace of change in today’s rapidly evolving consumer markets, Sales & Marketing professionals are in dire need of data that is actionable. Contrarily, Big Data that is available is at a Macro-level or a result of top-down extrapolation, thus painting all markets with one brush – and therefore un-actionable.

As against this, the data & insights from our Platform which are aggregated from the last mile upwards, are not only actionable but – because they capture every nuance of the given Micro-market – yield initiatives that deliver the predicted outcomes, more impactfully.

Companies of all hues are gravitating towards us because we offer:

  1. Precision – not just Direction
  2. Near 100% Enumeration – not mere Extrapolation
  3. Prediction of Outcomes – not just scenarios.

Hindustan Unilever, Mondelez, Perfetti, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Haldirams, Muthoot Fincorp, MP Birla & TAFE are some of the prominent names on our growing client roster.

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A fast-growing team of passionate techies making a big mark in the digital services realm. As architects of unique technology solutions, we focus on delivering value to our clients. We leverage emerging technologies like AI/ML, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, to address specific business challenges. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet your unique needs, delivered with precision and expertise. From cutting-edge technology solutions to comprehensive consulting, we empower your success at every step.

The inteliconvoTM Speech Analytics Platform, offers unparallel insights into customer conversations which allows marketing leaders to understand the customer demands better. With the data driven insights, the marketing leaders can design more personalized campaigns addressing the real needs of the customers, save big on marketing spends and improve the conversion rates.

The Customer Insights module provides never before insights about the customer's buying intents, sentiments, feedback about product or service, competitors mention, hot leads with win probability. The solution also provides analysis for successful calls, reasons why people are buying & key drivers to successful conversions.

The platform also automatically generates the Marketing Team’s Performance score card as per the defined measurement criteria. The team coaching module of the platform helps to drive more structured feedback and learning for the marketing team.

The inteliconvoTM Speech AI Platform is cloud agnostic. It can be deployed on-premise or on private cloud too.

Liberin Technologies offers a comprehensive Digital Marketing and Analytics stack that empowers organizations to drive customer actions, measure interactions, and gain insights through Conversational AI—all without compromising data security. Our solutions include Lyttl, an on-premises, analytics-ready URL shortening solution that keeps your data in-house while reducing costs; DwAR, a Web-based Augmented Reality tool that immerses customers in your products and seamlessly integrates with any analytics platform; and SEPTA, a Conversational AI solution that democratizes data insights and simplifies decision-making without requiring technical expertise.